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365 days ago i was in pretty cool waterpark. Today i thought i World have a Date with cyra like on thursday, but it seems like she wont Show up. So my bday this year is just shitty like it was 730 days ago. Im seeing a pattern here and im just Glad that ive allready been There…

Say hallo to ‘dino gnar’ (cat in a dinosaur suit => dinokatz)

Its the atm only avialabe skin for gnar, the newest Champ of league of legends.
So funny and a big honor to me and Rex. We will proudly rule the rift and abyss from now on!

And it so extremly adorable and powerfull.

For the gamers here: its like squishy sivir on drugs which can transform into a malphite with doombot Power.

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New lol Champion. Came out today. This is the optional skin you have to unlock. Just look at the whole thing guys… Does anyone see the Pattern? Hahaha

And its a ranged adc/apc hybrid 😀😘

Love my life!!!!

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